Why Don’t You Experience Japanese Culture for Common People?

Amazing "Bathing" Culture

  • We take a bath every single day.

    By taking a bath, we remove our physical fatigue of the day and adjust our body conditions. Thanks to this manner, Japan may be among the top 3 country with the longest lifespan.

  • Men and women separately take baths naked.

    It is for you to hard to believe but we have the culture to take a bath naked. Therefore, there are baths separated by men and women. Why don't you experience our Japanese original "Naked Communion"?

  • We NEVER wash our bodies in a bath tub.

    Where do you wash your body? We warm up and heal our bodies in a bath tub. We rinse off and wash in "the washing body area".

What a Japanese Communal Bath House is

  • History

    Bathing has quite a long history in Japan and was introduced with Buddhism. Temples were built in various places and followed by bath houses as ablution facilities and bathing custom as steam bathing was widely spread.

  • Ecology

    inking about the energy to boil water each house, a communal bath house where many people take baths together contributes to save a lot of energy

  • Social communit place

    In 17th century, a communal bath house became a fashionable, entertainment, social and essential place as a social community place for common people. It is important to be naked exceeding social positions and classes and it is in a Japanese public bath house (a communal bath house) where people frankly communicate each other.